City Of Love Paris Cheats

City Of Love Paris Cheats

City Of Love: Paris Cheats – Enjoy The Mysteries Of Love – Energy Hack

City of Love: Paris is one of the most amazing role-playing stimulation games. The game was published by the Ubisoft Entertainment and was released on 26th of October in 2016. It is an amazing game that is loved by a number of people. One can enjoy playing the game on iOS and Android platforms. The plot consists of an interactive drama including various mystery Secrets and romance in the city of love, Paris. You can also explore different sites there and meet other characters to build good relationships with them in order to un-riddle the old mystery. But for the purpose of exploring new sites will require a lot of energy, that’s why it’s better to use the City of Love: Paris hack to help you get limitless amount of energy. It is a perfect game for the one who enjoys playing character roles.




The plot of the game is all around you. In the particular game, you will be playing the character of an upcoming female reporter that is in Paris in the hope of getting a great job but as soon as you gave the application to the person who is recruiting the posts, she was very close to rejecting your application but maybe your boss is thinking some other better plans for you.




There is only one central fund in the game that you need to earn and maintain that is energy. This game can be only played if you have enough amount of energy to spend on the task. It requires 20 energy per task and as you’ll continue and make decisions in the game, you’ll lose the energy.  On the other hand, you get a total of 100 energy per day. Now, if we see than mathematically we can only perform 5 tasks in a day.

You can refill your energy by purchasing it directly from the shop but there is no need to do that because, at the end of the day, your energy bar will be refilled again to 100. But if you don’t want to wait for a complete day than what you can do is to use the City of Love: Paris hack in order to have access to an unlimited amount of energy and you can experiment with other characters in the game.  One can easily unlock various sites in the game and meet new people that may help you in the main storyline by using the City of Love: Paris cheats.

Tips and tricks of the game

Don’t worry about small decisions



As it is a decision-making role plat it has many different pathways and can have many different outcomes. Yes, the fact is deniable that it entirely depends on how you make the decisions but you don’t need to worry about every single decision that you need to make. So, it’s nothing bad in making some decisions to see if they work. If you want to do something then just go on and try different routes. It will prove to be beneficial for you in the long run. Feel free to test out various storyline options. The entire game is based on a conversation that’s why paying attention to every single information is very crucial. You will need to focus and remember every detail such as the name of the person whom you are investigating in the game?

Get chummy with only those whom you wish to be with

In the game, you will be able to meet and catch up with many new characters and it is entirely in your hands that you want to be friendly with and with you want to come close. There is also one more thing that I find the most interesting that while having a conversation with the person, many new options will be accessible to choose only if you have a stronger between you both. But don’t get too friendly with everyone as not all the characters are able to reticulate with each other and can create a problem for you in the game further. That’s why it is better to mesh with few characters only.

Now that you know the plot and the tips of the game, you can enjoy playing the game and solving your mystery.

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