Football Strike Cheats and Game Review

Football Strike Hack 2019

Football Strike Hack and Game Review – Enjoy The Coins and Cash Cheats

Football Strike is an entertaining soccer game, wherein you can play with your friends or complete strangers in different competitive game modes. If you are a football fan and want to try an online game that is unique in its genre then you shouldn’t miss playing Football Strike game. Below mentioned are some of the important characteristics of Football Strike game, which will be useful for beginners and professional players alike:




They are the primary game currency that can be used to purchase different jerseys and shoes for your team. You can earn Coins by leveling up in the game and by completing various challenges. Also, you can earn them by competing with other online players in various competitive modes. Some amounts of Coins are awarded in the game as daily rewards, which need to be collected every day or else the currency will expire.

Earning Coins is easy but accumulating them in this manner is a lengthy process. To avoid wasting time, you can consider purchasing Coins from the game store with real cash. A better alternative to the above methods is to use Football Strike Hack, which will reward you with infinite amount of Coins, that too instantly.


It is the most powerful in-game currency, which can be used to purchase different balls and bags in the game. Unlike Coins, it is difficult to earn Cash as the only way to procure little amount of Cash is by leveling up in the game. So, purchasing Cash with real world money is the only option left with players. However, there are some gaming experts who are happy to use hacking tools like the Football Strike Cheats. With this tool, you can get plenty of Cash credited to your gaming account by entering the requisite number of currency and your game id. Within minutes, Football Strike Cheats will transfer the currency to your account.

Different Gear:

The game features lots of different gears ranging from Football, Boots, Jerseys, Shorts, Goal Keeper Gloves, etc. Amazing gear from the iconic football clubs such as FC Barcelona, Dortmund, etc. are also available in the game. These gears will help in increasing your gaming avatar’s stats. Better the gear better will be your chance to win against your opponents.

The gears can be received by purchasing different bags, which are Premium, Champion, and VIP. Buying these bags will award you with random gears. The game also features a shop menu where you can purchase cards, which in turn can be accumulated and then redeemed for Football and other gear.

Benefits Of Having Friends:

You can connect with your friends on social networking sites and challenge them for a friendly or competitive match. You can also invite friends to join Football Strike game by sharing game invites, and receive bonus rewards for each friend who joins the game by accessing your link. Moreover, you can make new friends by playing matches with randomly generated opponents as they are too connected on social networking websites.

Different Game Modes:

The game features two different game modes; namely Shooting Race and Free Kick. Shooting Race is a time-based game where you have to score more goals than your opponents in the specified time. In Free Kick mode, you will come face-to-face with your opponents as you have to score goals as well as defend your own goal post.

The game also features a vast career mode. It will keep you occupied and even upgrade your skills because career mode consists of hundreds of different challenges that you can complete. The tasks in the career mode are of increasing difficultly, which helps in defeating tougher opponents as and when you level up in the game.

To conclude, Football Strike game has the capability to keep you busy for several weeks. However, you will be able to succeed only if you have generated loads of in-game currencies by using Football Strike Cheats. So, use the tool and have a wonderful gaming experience.

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7 thoughts on “Football Strike Cheats and Game Review

      1. This is really a great addictive game, but also is really a kind of expensive since you do have to spend some money to go forward. And when I say “some money” it happens to be quite a lot.
        I don’t mind to spend a little money, but spend a lot… Well, no. Use cheats 😂

  1. its an amazing hack and an amazing game. thank you very very much and i wish you luck with your hacks in the future. i would like to see a hack for critical ops if possible but overall this hacking site is amazing, i love it.

  2. Thanks guys for finally making me get to cheat this game.others tells you lie but you guys are true and it works!!

  3. Thanks guys for finally making me get to cheat this game.others tells you lie but you guys are true and it works!!
    Amazing hack, such an easy way to get resources and have fun

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