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Fortnite Cheats – Learn How To Get unlimited VBucks

Fortnite is an engrossing game that has been published by Epic Games. In this game, you are living in contemporary Earth wherein a storm causes 98% of the population to disappear. As you progress, there are several weapons to acquire and missions to complete, so get ready for some combat with our Fortnite Cheats!

Before you start playing the game, ensure that you have good quality headphones or speakers as sound plays an important role in the game. The sound of the enemies can help you in killing them instantly. Moreover, if you are close to a Golden Chest then you will be able to hear a distinctive sound. Usually, Golden Chests are hidden in the corners but sometimes you might have to break the wall or floor to acquire them, but don’t worry our helper – Fornite Cheats is ready to help you out!




V-Bucks are the main currency of the game that is required for purchasing various skins, glider, pickaxe, etc. for your gaming character. V-Bucks can also be used for purchasing Battle Pass. You can earn V-Bucks in the game by buying the campaign and completing certain missions. Another way to acquire them is by logging to the game each day to earn Daily Bonuses. Some players purchase V-Bucks by spending real money. While there are others who uses Fortnite Cheats 2019 to acquire unlimited V-Bucks instantly.


You can pick innumerable weapons and ammo as you keep progressing through the map. The weapons will be floating in the air and will also glow. This feature makes it easier for you to decide whether you should pick it up or not from a distance. Another way to acquire weapons is by unlocking the Treasure Chests, which are hidden in various structures like upstairs, basements, etc. Other than weapons, you can acquire several resources and rare loot from the Treasure Chests.

Each weapon has varied grade of rarity; the rarer the weapon, the more effective it will be! You should always have different kinds of weapons so that you can survive in an array of circumstances. For instance; you should make use of a shotgun for close range combat and a rifle for mid range combats. Also, try to acquire a medical-kit or a bandage as it can be helpful at the time of need.

How To Survive?

To save your gaming character from getting killed, you need to move carefully from one location to another. Avoid running in the open areas as that will be highly risky. Instead, run while hiding yourself behind various structures, trees, etc. Remember that the safe circle is not the safest place to always be as there are several other gamers coming in from outside. So, you have to stay vigilant and save your character from getting shot in the back.

Always keep the volume of the speakers high so that you can hear the gunshots accurately. This will let you understand whether you should move towards the area or run away from it. If you can hear lot of gunshots then there are chances of you getting killed in the combat. You can instead wait till the fight is over and then reach the area. This will even let you acquire loads of weapons and ammo from the combatants that will be injured.

Moreover, the speakers will also help you to hear the enemies that are coming towards you. This will give you enough time to prepare for the situation. Although weapons and resources are available in good quantities in the structures and buildings, going to those areas can be dangerous. Most of the gamers will be trying to loot from the populated areas, so play safe. However, this does not signify that you should not go there to loot. In fact, you should go, as there are chances of getting better loot at such places; though stay safe.

Another tip to survive for longer is by closing the door after entering a building. This will make other players believe that no one is inside the building so you can surprise them. Also, when the enemy enters, you will be able to hear the door opening and can get cautious. On the other hand, some players keep the door open so that others believe that the building has already been looted and left abandoned.

Making Use Of The Map:

The map in the game is small in size, so you can make effective use of it. Moreover, the map keeps shrinking in size as you reach new stages in the game. Always plan your route carefully on the map so that you can reach the safe circle easily. A downside of the map being small is that you will often encounter the same players repeatedly.

Constructing Structures:

Most of the time, building structures can be a waste as a storm can wipe off everything in a few seconds. An enemy can too destroy your buildings instantly. However, there are some situations when you should construct a structure. For instance; when you are hurt and require few seconds to heal. In that situation, you should construct a wall quickly and take cover from the enemies till you heal properly. You can use this tip each time you want to heal yourself and save your avatar from the enemies.

Moreover, constructing a wall to cover your avatar from a powerful enemy is also a great idea. This will give you enough time to run off as the enemy will be busy trying to break the wall. Or, you can throw a grenade over the wall to destroy the enemy instantly. In situations when you want to avoid a battle, you can build stairways and get out from the trouble instantly.

Effective Tips To Enhance Your Fortnite Game:

  • As you keep ranking higher, you will be able to earn more XP. Thus, you can progress quickly through each level.
  • Acquire as many resources as possible by picking them up throughout the map, unlocking Treasure Chests, and by destroying items.
  • Try to destroy items that will end up as a resource. For instance; if you destroy trees and wooden floors, then you will end up with lot of wood. Similarly, destroying vehicles will provide you with steel.
  • Avoid going to the Loot Lake as you need to walk in open terrain at half speed in the water, so you will certainly die. The opponents running on the sides of the Loot Lake can notice and kill you immediately.
  • As the map keeps shrinking all the time, the later stages of the game will get trickier. The buildings will become dangerous because in most of them there will be an enemy hiding and waiting for you to get in so that he can kill you.
  • An excellent tip to kill enemies is to wait at the edge of the safe zone and as soon as the enemies rush in due to a storm, you can destroy them.
  • Sprinting can make a lot of noise so avoid it as much as you can. The enemies will be able to hear you and try to destroy you.
  • A great tactic to survive for longer is by hiding behind a bush until other players are having a fight. Once their health gets low, you can come out of hiding and succeed in the game.
  • Try using Fortnite cheats to get unlimited VBucks.

So, if you want to spend your leisure time in building a base and defending it with your life then you should start playing Fortnite game now!

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